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Hong Kong Disneyland’s Mystic Manor as photographed by Tom Bricker, via Disney and More.




I stay far away from most fitness blog cause its all skinny women in expensive yoga pants with goal weights and size that would be close to under weight from my large frame

Blogs that post pics of fruit Is enough for me

Its either that or people getting arrogant and becoming nutritionist and gurus cause they lost 10lbs 3 months ago and have never struggled with their weight

Ughhhh I hate that shit about fitness blogs.

They get so damn high and mighty and they also reblog fat tumblr users to ridicule their bodies in some bullshit pseudo “inspiration” mantra.


No to “You speak so well… for a deaf person” comments like these.

It’s also important to understand when you put pressure on reading lips and speaking well the person usually favors studying these methods of communication over sign.

Anything seen as more socially acceptable and ‘normal’ to a child will be favored by them, so hearing families treating speaking as some great achievement is a huge problem for deaf children trying to fit in.

I sign very poorly, but speak so well almost no one can tell I’m deaf. Worse, due to being able to communicate this way so well, when I was finally enrolled in an ASL class it was a language class directed at teaching hearing students ASL. My own ASL teacher often scolded me for my “disinterest” in the subject, one she taught with lectures and instructional videos.

I, a deaf student, failed an ASL class because my hearing teacher didn’t know how to teach a deaf person ASL.


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Tokyo Disney Resort: Halloween 2014:)