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This is not graphic or gory — but no less deplorable. Apparently, this is in Oregon. Each crate has a calf in it, removed from their mother one hour after they were born. The mother had enough time to clean up the birth, lick, smell and intially bond with the calf, before they were taken away to live in boxes. Death will ensue in approximately six weeks. Until then, here they remain, unable to move, so as to make their meat ‘tender.’ Then they become veal steaks. Please everyone, for the sake of all — go vegan.

My dad works for a plastic company and I can confirm that these plastic ‘veal sheds’ are one of their top products.

Fucking gross. Just go vegan.

So sad. So empty.


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Tea is my universe


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"The blues to me is like being very sad, very sick, going to church, being very happy. There’s two kinds of blues: there’s happy blues and then sad blues. I don’t think I’ve ever sang the same way twice, I don’t think I’ve ever sang the same tempo. One night’s a little bit slower, the next night’s a little bit brighter, depends on how I feel. I don’t know, the blues is sort of mixed up thing, you just have to feel it. Everything I do sing is part of my life."

Happy 99th birthday to one of the greatest voices of the 20th century:
Billie Holiday (April 7, 1915 - July 17, 1959)

She could never keep her paws off of me. I’ll miss her kitty kisses and hugs so so much. 😢

Rest in peace, Reina. Give your kitty mommy Beauty some cuddles from your human mommy. I love you. 💜

Steamed kale and tomatoes with tempeh bacon. Topped with chia seeds and nutritional yeast. 😍#breakfast #vegan #whatveganseat