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"The blues to me is like being very sad, very sick, going to church, being very happy. There’s two kinds of blues: there’s happy blues and then sad blues. I don’t think I’ve ever sang the same way twice, I don’t think I’ve ever sang the same tempo. One night’s a little bit slower, the next night’s a little bit brighter, depends on how I feel. I don’t know, the blues is sort of mixed up thing, you just have to feel it. Everything I do sing is part of my life."

Happy 99th birthday to one of the greatest voices of the 20th century:
Billie Holiday (April 7, 1915 - July 17, 1959)

She could never keep her paws off of me. I’ll miss her kitty kisses and hugs so so much. 😢

Rest in peace, Reina. Give your kitty mommy Beauty some cuddles from your human mommy. I love you. 💜

Steamed kale and tomatoes with tempeh bacon. Topped with chia seeds and nutritional yeast. 😍#breakfast #vegan #whatveganseat


Plaza Inn - Minnie on Flickr.

I went to Plaza Inn today and I just really like this picture okay

4/4 Happy 20th Birthday Sugaya Risako ♥





Narthoux, South of France, 2011 / When I was in France we stayed in a beautiful ancient French farmhouse and I spent my days in this loft laying on rugs, listening to my iPod and drawing


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