So natural hair is being targeted by the U.S. Military. 

More than 30% of females serving in the military are of a race other than white. As of 2011, 36% of females in the U.S. stated that they are natural, or refrain from chemically processing their hair. Females with natural hair take strides to style their natural hair in a professional manner when necessary; however, changes to AR 670-1 offer little to no options for females with natural hair. In the proposed changes, unauthorized hairstyles include twists, both flat twists as well as two strand twists; as well as dreadlocks, which are defined as “any matted or locked coils or ropes of hair.” These new changes are racially biased and the lack of regard for ethnic hair is apparent. This policy needs to be reviewed prior to publishing to allow for neat and maintained natural hairstyles.” 

There is a petition to reconsider the changes added to AR 670-1 and you can sign here


I wish so much there had been a Rae when I was growing up. It would have made my life so much easier to have had someone real on TV that I could have looked at and gone: ‘I kind of look like her. I don’t look perfect, but she’s got friends. People love her so maybe people will like me for being me. I don’t have to change. I can just be myself…’ How can kids and teenagers feel comfortable when they can’t see anyone who looks like them anywhere? (x) (x)



We need loving homes!

The tabby cats (bottom photos): 2, females, about 7-9 months old, very friendly, able to be pet!

Black cat (top left): male, 7-9 months old, little more skittish. Can get close, but not able to pet him.

Gray and White (top middle): Female, about a year old, gets close but unable to be pet.

Tabby Cat (top right): Male, about a year and a half, missing half of his tail, not aggressive towards humans or other cats.

All of the cats get along and will sleep in twos sometimes, said to be “not aggressive at all.”

CONTACT: Caro.Delgado@icloud.com or by phone 516-474-9765.

Worst. Cold. Sore. Flare. Ever.

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I need money.

Sooo much stuff to pay for, agh.

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So… I get to go home in September!!!!!!!

So happy I could cry, I am suffering SO badly without my fix.


Planetarium- Otsuka Ai