It’s performances like this which make me disappointed when I hear people say the don’t like Eccelston or skip over that whole season just to get to Tennant. Tennant was fantastic and a brilliant Doctor, but there wouldn’t be a Tennant Doctor without Eccleston’s Doctor. The way Tennant’s Doctor was portrayed was the effect that Rose had on Nine. In the beginning, Nine was harsh and unforgiving having come back from the Time War, his time with Rose softened that harsh attitude and it’s really shown in this episode.

“Just this once, everybody lives!” Has to be my absolute favourite line in all the history of Doctor who because in that episode everyone did.

I cry in almost all of Nine’s episodes. But not happy or sad tears. Just fucking intense emotion tears. He was fantastic.

This scene is most meaningful when the audience understands Nine’s context. Here’s a guy who is broken and hurting and left with nothing but his spaceship. He’s seen and been the cause of so much death, not only offscreen but onscreen, and what we see in S1 prior to this moment is the Doctor showing Rose the pain he has known for so long, and then he gets to show her life and how sometimes, things work out okay. And most importantly, the Doctor needed this. I think this moment gives him the joy that ultimately allows him to accept his love for Rose and sacrifice himself for her—because there is too much joy in the world that Rose hasn’t seen, and so much joy that she hasn’t caused, and he can’t let that happen.

My favorite Doctor Who moment of all time.

Everybody lives.

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