Anonymous asked: Not like I didn't try. Twice. Perhaps the past should stay buried.

I’m genuinely curious now. Maybe I don’t have the right person in mind.

I have only been reached out to by one person recently, but unfortunately circumstances weren’t right and regretfully, I could not hang out with them. Unless you’re them… I have not gotten any signs that I’m missed.

posted 4 months ago

Anonymous asked: Sometimes I really miss you

I have a feeling of who this might be.. If I am right, I can guarantee you, I miss you with so much of me that it makes my bones ache sometimes. I couldn’t even begin to tell you…

Anonymous asked: Genuine, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Your blog is real life, and I enjoy visiting from time to time. Enjoy your weekend.

Thank you :) I hope you had a lovely weekend, and are having a wonderful week!

Anonymous asked: Don't change your blog for anyone, or anything, don't be concerned about what I'd like to see on your blog, it's your blog, not mine. I like your blog just fine, probably a little more then other blogs I follow. I understand you much better now, I'm sorry if I upset you in anyway, I could've and should've used a different more caring approach, but not all people are receptive to that. Anyway, be as happy as you can in this chaotic world, sometimes it's all any of us can do.

Well, thank you very much. I just want to make sure I’m not alienating anyone, is all. :) I appreciate your understanding, and I don’t think you were uncaring in your original message by any means. Thank you again. I wish you nothing but happiness. 

Anonymous asked: You're way too uptight about literally everything, is it even possible to relax and just enjoy life for a moment or two? You're so smart, concerned about so many things, and rightfully so, but you can't fight every battle every single moment of each day. I enjoy your blog, but it's difficult to browse sometimes, I know what you're going to say, I should unfollow, and perhaps I will. On a positive note, I've lost 7lbs in a two month period, a snails pace, but I'm not giving up, don't u either.

Sorry for the novel length response ahead, this message made me think and contemplate~

I wonder what posts this is in reference to? I’m not having a very easy time, mentally and such, as of recent so I suppose that translates into my posting.. Also, I don’t come on Tumblr as often as I used to, so when I do I tend to post things about a particular subject in bulk since I’m going through individuals’ blogs that are geared towards those subjects.. since I’m looking to these blogs for education, and reblog them in hopes to help others. I want to help others help the world - because that’s all I can really do to help at the moment besides my own personal efforts in reducing world suffering by caring for animals and learning how to be a better person in general. I’m concerned because I care and feel so deeply about everything.

Unless… your disappointment is stemming from my couple of personal posts in the last week? Those are fairly rare on my blog, I don’t think I post a lot of personal posts at all. Those posts are only made in the heat of the moment, or under extreme emotional exhaustion - which I have been in the last week. But I’m not looking to make excuses. I’m actually very curious as in what you would like to see on my blog? If you enjoy my blog - do you follow for Disney posts? Idols? Animals? I don’t know. Let me know, you don’t have to be anonymous. I’m not irritated in the least, I’m just genuinely wondering what you’re looking for. I’ll aim to supplement my blog with that content so it’s not overload on my own issues and concerns - after all, I’m only a personal blog. I’m not normally uptight, and I’m actually pretty carefree, with a subtle sadness to me. But the balances of emotions in my life are not in check at this moment. Also, I suppose I can thank you for putting me into check, I need more positivism in my life. I need to take a mini-vacation and refresh my mind and my heart. 

(And congratulations on your weight loss! I know it’s healthier to lose weight slowly, and I think it’s wonderful for others! I’m just disordered and I have a hard time applying that logic to myself as well. Like I said, I’m having a hard time lately… but thank you for the encouragement. I truly appreciate it. <3 )

posted 6 months ago

Anonymous asked: i wanna hate fuck you until you cry.. nothing makes me harder than making a feminist cry while i shove my cock into them ;)

You’re scum.

Anonymous asked: Noooo, tits are amazing, I keep trying to scroll up on your profile pic to catch a gander of your bosom, in spite of your gorgeous face. ;)

Good for you.

posted 6 months ago

Anonymous asked: wait, do you have a boyfriend?


posted 1 year ago

Anonymous asked: Good Evening/Night, so I see you reblog things with like death or the devil in them and I was wondering if it was because you're interested in the afterlife or some type of devil fanatic.

My bff is Satan. 

and I’m a morbid person. 


beats me!