I will never cease to be impressed by Hello!Project.

I mean holy shit, my mouth is still hanging open as I type this.

I know some of you guys who follow me don’t click the H!P vids, but just this once! It’ll be well worth your time!


See more about the awesome A3 posters contained with “Aitai, Aitai, Aitai-na,” here!

if anyone is ordering more than one copy of the cd, and will have extra posters, please send one my way~ I’ll pay for it. :P I seriously need to get C-ute (and eventually Smileage, too) on my wall, and sadly can’t afford the single right now so..

Hello! Project Meme: Day 8

Day 8: A Hello!Project member that you dislike

Hagiwara Mai.

Something about her has always grated me, and right now, I’m kind of getting the feeling she’s a bit of a self-centered bitch, even if she’s like 14. Maybe my opinion will change later on, however right now, all I can see is how she glared at Chisato in the Dance de BAKOON video after Chisato had to basically pry the microphone out of her hands to sing her lines. Only points she has in my books is that she’s part of the Tanaka team.

posted 3 years ago