Kana Nishino ~ Every Boy Every Girl (Love Voyage ~a place of my heart~ ver.) 


Marina and the Diamonds - Homewrecker

Girls and their curls and their gourmet vomit
Boys and their toys and their 6 inch rockets
We’re all very lovely ‘til we get to know each other
As we stop becoming friends and we start becoming lovers


Tuxedo Mirage - Sailor Moon SuperS Orgel Fantasia 


Swim Until You Can’t See Land- Frightened Rabbit

Dip a toe in the ocean. Oh how it hardens and it numbs.
The rest of me is a version of man, built to collapse into crumbs.
And if I hadn’t come down to the coast to disappear
I may have died in a land-slide of rocks and hopes and fears.

Intro by Phil Collins | Original Tarzan Working Tape Demos


Frightened Rabbit - Scottish Winds

‘And the whisper to my mouth, soft Scottish winds
Just enough to say I love you
To the girl who keeps me sane
Take the stupid things I’ve said
Blow them miles and miles away
Thank you in advance, Scottish wind


Frightened Rabbit - State Hospital

LISTEN, yes please. After listening this version, you can go and watch the official video :)


Home from War by Frightened Rabbit

Here I stand like a soldier home from war
With nothing to do but remember the shutter of bombs
I’m sure it never quite goes away
It never quite goes away, oh

Here I sit like a beginner beginning again
And all those fuck-ups counted for nothing ‘cause nothing makes sense
And I am never quite fully awake
And never completely asleep, yeah

I’m walking around like a soldier who’s home from war
Lost in the foreign landscape I used to know
Will I ever feel like I belong?
Will I ever feel like I belong anywhere?

Well, here I lie like a lover who isn’t in love
Who stares at the cracks in the ceiling six feet above
And who knows just how it feels to buckle beneath the weight
And there’s only so much you can take
There’s only so much you can take
I might never be normal again
I might never be normal again
Never be normal again
Oh, never be normal again
But who cares?
I ask, who cares?
Oh, who cares?

And now I’m standing disheveled at your door
Covered in dust and dirt but full of hope
We might never be normal again
Might never be normal again


Morning Musume - Love Innovation (Short radio rip)

omg im sorry but if you quit following your favourite idol group because of people disliking your favourite member, you’re dumb.