this might be enough trees.

do you think i have enough honey oak trees yet.

fuck you, pigg life.

AGH, all i need is to build three more planters and i can get the lavender house

but ya know

it takes 18 hours to harvest lavender and there are like 12 hours left so


at least rumour says the next quest is winnie the pooh related and yep gonna go obsessed over that one, too.

did i really just spend an hour and a half rearranging my garden in pigg life?


People on Pigg Life….

What.. .-.





But then they left, before they could water it..

…What. ….Why?

posted 2 years ago

All I’ve been saying tonight is

「ハロウィン・カップケーキありますかっーーー」with no result. Is everyone really out of them or what. Pigg life you’re taking up too much time of my life

I’m waiting for my kabocha to …bloom? finish growing on pigg life, but i can’t take waiting another 30 minutes. I’m sleeeepy and want to lay down.

Damn you Ameba, why must you make it so long for kabocha to finish growing.

….And to any pigg life users that look at this tag, water my orange kabocha and i will water back in the morning, please? yes okay. my username is infalliblestars.

/shamless self promotion i just need to make more halloween cookies to get stamps to make the cupcakes and then the damn purin. my lifeeee.

posted 2 years ago