the lilium soundtrack gives me life.


The genius combi, Maachan and Meimei, singing Robo Kiss!

So… I have a new computer, and everything.. and I have to transfer all of my music but I’m lazy, and I really rather just torrent what I can.

Who out there is kind enough to direct me to a torrent of C-ute’s discography? (The H!O tracker sucks when it comes to finding C-ute’s music.) …Or kinder yet, can direct me to a zip/rar of their discography?

You know you’re a wota when…

You see a picture of someone holding their new photo album, and it’s caption reads “My new photo book, I’m so excited!”.. And you wonder who’s photos they collect.

Then you realize it’s a Disney themed photo album.

For family photos.

I forgot people compile family photos into books.

Not idols.

/sulks off in the corner with my photobooks

omg im sorry but if you quit following your favourite idol group because of people disliking your favourite member, you’re dumb.

posted 3 years ago